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LEI in 3 easy steps
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We offer secure way of registering LEI number through our easy and secure application form. In just three steps you can receive LEI number for your business.

LEI number in 3 steps
  • Registration - Register your company through our application form, it should take few minutes at maximum

  • Verification - Data submitted by you will be verified and in less than a day, and ideally in few hours, you will receive confirmation with LEI number attached

  • Publication - Your record including your new LEI is published in global LEI database maintained by GLEIF

What is an LEI?

A Legal Entity Identifies (LEI) is a 20-character alphanumeric code used for precise and unique identification of any legal entity transacting with other corporations or legal entities on an international level.

Why do I need LEI?

Any legal entity aiming to do cross-border transactions should have an LEI code, especially when doing business with entities or corporations in countries that need this code as a requirement.

Benefits of LEI number

Benefits of registering LEI

There are many benefits of having a registered Legal Entity Identifier for your business


Only one legal entity can have a given LEI, which can't be reused by any other entity, even if they are in different countries.


The unique LEI code of any entity remains the same throughout its lifetime, including when it is dissolved or merged with another entity.


An LEI code is neutral and doesn't have any embedded intelligence or country code to avoid causing unnecessary complexity on the side of the users.


Any LEI can be reliably used to verify the legal entity in question at any point in time.


An entity's LEI code is available publicly and can be seen by any member of the public at any time.


The LEI system is set to become a universal identification standard for legal entities in several sectors, including the financial and many more

Who needs a Legal Entity Identifier?

A Legal Entity Identifies, or LEI code is required by any legal entity that wants to do business at the international level, mainly in regions including the US, UK, and countries under the EU.

So, any organization with no LEI code will find it challenging and unbearable to transact with other businesses and corporations in these regions.

LEI registration for any company type

LEI Registrations in United States

United States of America remains number one country when it comes to number of registered LEI numbers with around 240,000 registrations.

One of the major factors contributing to such high registration rate is the Global Financial Crisis which happened in 2008. Since then, it has become regulatory compliance within the global financial market to have LEI registered. Having a single global identifier in public database, such as GLEIS, allows higher transparency and stability for all parties involved.


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